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Seifried Pinot Gris

Seifried Pinot Gris

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The 2019 Seifried Nelson Pinot Gris is a blend of Pinot Gris from our Brightwater and Queen Victoria Vineyards. The Brightwater vines are grown in an extremely stony area of the vineyard where water and nutrient levels are low. This helps us to restrict the plants' vigour and to crop at low levels. Our Brightwater Vineyard is situated 15km from the coast and is sheltered from the south by the Richmond ranges. The ‘soil’ is a combination of rocks and boulders which is very hard on the farm equipment but vital for holding the warmth of Nelson’s sun and for ripening the Pinot Gris grapes. Our Queen Victoria Vineyard is located in the Motueka area in the heart of a region known for its apple orchards, kiwifruit and hops. Our grapes are grown on very stoney free draining soils giving lovely fruit clarity and varietal intensity.


The Pinot Gris was harvested from vineyard blocks comprising differing soils, micro-climates, and clones, as well as different aged vines. The parcels were harvested and fermented separately prior to blending at a much later stage. The resulting wine has a broad palate and is full flavoured, bringing a unique and complex spectrum of characters to the finished wine.


The 2019 Seifried Nelson Pinot Gris has quince and stone fruit aromas with gentle spice on the nose. The palate is expressive with pear and nutmeg spice flavours lingering.

Grape varieties

Pinot Gris

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New Zealand

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