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Berticot La Cuvee Sans Nom Cote De Duras

Berticot La Cuvee Sans Nom Cote De Duras

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Harvested from our best terroirs, this exceptional vintage is only made from great vintages. At the end of vinification, this vintage is considered suitable for aging in oak barrels for a period of one year. The harmonious association with wood reveals original sensations, and our know-how reveals a typicity which suggests high-level tastings for all those who have been able to wait.

Grape varieties: 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon
Vinification and aging: traditional vinification, aging for 12 months in oak barrels. 13.5% vol.
This vintage immediately reveals its richness in a deep ruby ‚Äč‚Äčred color.
The subtle, delicate and elegant nose reveals notes of ripe fruit and spices complemented by well-married toasted aromas from oak ageing. Rich fruits soft tannis make this a delicious alternative to some Top Bordeaux reds.
The palate is harmonious, with good volume and very nice softness. Capable of ageing but drinking extremely well fresh in the bottle.

Grape varieties

cabernet sauvignon and merlot

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