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Baglieti Prosecco Spumante No 10

Baglieti Prosecco Spumante No 10

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Immerse yourself in the effervescent charm of Baglietti Prosecco Spumante No. 10. This delightful Italian sparkling wine showcases a perfect balance of fruity flavors, lively bubbles, and a crisp finish. Elevate your celebrations with the vibrant and refreshing essence of Baglietti Prosecco Spumante No. 10.

Tasting Note: Delicate and vibrant, Baglietti Prosecco Spumante No. 10 delights the palate with its lively bubbles and fruity character. Savor the aromas of crisp green apple, white flowers, and citrus zest. On the palate, experience a harmonious fusion of fresh pear, zesty lemon, and a hint of peach. The fine bubbles provide a lively effervescence, while the crisp and clean finish leaves you wanting more.

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