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An Dulaman Santa Ana Navy Strenght Maritime Gin

An Dulaman Santa Ana Navy Strenght Maritime Gin

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An Dúlamán Santa Ana is the first navy strength gin produced in Ireland. Aged in Rioja wine casks, which impart a slight sweetness and beautiful rose gold hue to the complex maritime notes of An Dúlamán. The name Santa Ana comes from one of the many ill-fated ships of the Spanish Armada, La Duquesa Santa Ana, which ran aground off Loughros Mór near Ardara in Donegal. The commander of this ship was Don Alonso de Leyva, who was a nobleman from the Rioja region of Spain. All 900 men aboard walked 30km from Loughros Mór to Killybegs where they met with another Armada ship, La Girona. This walk is re-enacted each year in Donegal.

To make An Dúlamán, Sliabh Liag captures "Draíocht na Farraige" (the magic of the sea) by using five locally harvested seaweeds as well as six other botanicals. To ensure that An Dúlamán maintains its characteristic complexity and softness they have learned that Méabh (their still) likes a low ABV in the pot, and to run in a narrow temperature band to manage the delicate seaweeds

ABV: 57%

The colour is pale with a hint of Rose from the Rioja cask ageing. The Gin is Incredibly soft and smooth for a 57% spirit, salty maritime notes come through alongside warming spices and peppery juniper, with a touch of anise and juicy berry notes from the cask. 

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