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Five Lamps Pale Ale

Five Lamps Pale Ale

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Dublin's fair city has inspired some of the greatest tales of our times. You could get lost in the romance of it... But here, right now, you hold in your hand the latest short story from our glittering city. This is the Beer of Dublin.

All other pale ales pale in comparison to the Liberties Pale Ale. And that’s a known fact. It's  a brew with a rich golden colour, full body and a balanced rounded finish. Sweet and toasty malt notes buzz from a unique blend of pale and coloured malts. The balance between the residual sweetness of the malts and the character of the hops is rounded out by the floral hop notes of the late addition aromatic Goldings variety, a very traditional ale hop. This ale is accessible, easy to drink, with a modest 4.8% ABV.

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